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3 thoughts on “ಗೆಳೆಯರು

  1. SHTML

    The only difference between regular HTML and SHTML is the extra letter in the extension (.shtml) and this code.

    The S stands for ‘Server Side Include’ or SSI. When an SHTML webpage is sent to the web browser window, it gets assembled on the server and then sent to be viewed. The normal HTML tags all still work the same, the SHTML simply lets you INCLUDE other pieces into the HTML page.

  2. What is Cron?
    Cron is very simply a Linux module that allows you to run commands at predetermined times or intervals. In Windows, it’s called Scheduled Tasks. The name Cron is in fact derived from the same word from which we get the word chronology, which means order of time.

    Using Cron, a developer can automate such tasks as mailing ezines that might be better sent during an off-hour, automatically updating stats, or the regeneration of static pages from dynamic sources. Systems administrators and Web hosts might want to generate quota reports on their clients, complete automatic credit card billing, or similar tasks. Cron has something for everyone!

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