Steps to follow

  1. Select your Hipchat room then click Integration
  2. Click to “Install New Integration” will navigate to browser
  3. Select “Build your new Bot” with very simple steps
  4. Make sure to select ” Add a command”
  5. Enter your slash command example /whoami
  6. We will POST to this URL ( you can create your own from )

Post your comments if you have any doubts

Send messages to a HipChat room

Did you write a custom script to build, test and deploy code for a project you’re working on? Would you like to notify your colleagues when it completes? You can do this by posting a message to a URL HipChat gives you, from your script!


Configure your own slash command

How about going further and triggering the build directly from HipChat? Just write a REST endpoint, and let HipChat know it should invoke it when you send a particular message in a room.

Putting it all together

Using these two simple elements, you can build powerful integrations between HipChat and your custom applications, and write your own bots. You can add multiple custom integrations to a room, turning HipChat into your command center!